Sunday, December 12, 2010


The link below is a very short (1-minute) video of the Hopi Eagle Dance. From what I've researched, this dance has to do with death and re-birth. The Hopi, like most Native Indian tribes, love(d) to mimic various animals, which they find sacred, in their ritual dances. Speaking as someone who has no Native Indian blood, I have always found animals to be sacred. At times, it is the animal that can teach the human animal a thing or two. I hope you find this little video as magical and moving as I did. Enjoy.

Hopi Eagle Dance - A dance of death and re-birth.


Hopi mythology is very interesting. Good ol' Wikipedia has a very informative article on this. From the Spider Grandmother to the Sand Altar Woman to the famous Kachinas, this little tutorial (if you will) on their fascinating mythology will inspire your imagination. Check out the link below.

How the Hopi Came Into This World.


The Hopi have predicted many events and there are many famous Hopi prophesies yet to be fulfilled. If you'd like to learn more, this video is very compelling.

Hopi Prophecy - Blue Star (Sirius) Kachina


I do hope you enjoy this look into something different and beautiful,

with warmest regards,

Christina E. Pietrowski.

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